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Hammerhead SS 250 / GTS 250 Secondary Shaft Assembly - 172MM-B-082000 replaces 172MM-B-062000

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Quick Overview

secondart shaft assy. for CF Moto 250 with hi/low


CF Moto 250cc Hi / Low Secondary shaft assembly for GTS 250 and SS 250 (Super Sport 250).  This also works for any 250cc vehicle that uses the CF MOTO 250cc WITH HIGH/LOW transmission. This assembly is a gear cluster with hi/low/reverse gears all together as one complete assembly.  This is item #2 in the Reduction Box Assembly for the CF Moto 250cc engine

Secondary Shaft Assembly INCLUDES: 
qty 1     172mm-b-062002           Driven Gear 
qty 1     K16x20x10                     Needle Bearing
qty 1     172mm-b-062001           Secondary Shaft
qty 1     172mm-b-062009           Gear Shifting Bush
qty 1     T894 1-86-24                 Circlip
qty 1     172mm-b-062008           Washer 16x28x2
qty 1     172mm-b-062003           Driven Gear, Reverse 
qty 1     K24x28x10                     Needle Bearing
qty 1     172mm-b-062005           Drive Gear, Output
qty 1     172mm-b-062004           Driven Gear, Low Speed 
qty 2     172mm-b-062007           Washer 24x33x2 

qty 2     172mm-b-062006           Washer 15x28x2--NO LONGER COMES WITH THIS ASSEMBLY

Hammerhead part # 172mm-b-082000
Old TJ Power Sports part # 172mm- b-062000


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