Motorio 1500 RPM Torque Spring, Blue for 150cc, GY6 - Motorio1500

Motorio 1500RPMM high-quality compression torque spring with heat-resistant coating for increased torque for 150cc

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These high quality compression springs are coated with a unique, high-efficiency heat-resistant coating that sustains perfect spring tension and deters heat build-up. Standard compression springs will heat up changing the tension of the spring resulting in erratic shift patterns. Different spring tensions can be selected for different types of riding. 

It is a common rule that the stronger the compression spring, the higher the engine will rev before launching off the starting line. 

  • High-efficiency coating to resist heat build-build up 
  • High-efficiency coating keeps springs tension consistent at all times 
  • All springs are marked for designated rpm performance
  • Top quality springs to prevent belt slippage
  • Also helps a great amount with maintaining certain engine RPMs on uphill riding conditions.

***Solves slippage issues and helps to give better overall performance***


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