Motorio High-Performance Digital Adjustable CDI & Coil Combo for 250cc

This Digital Adjustable CDI/Coil combo from MotoRio provides an extremely high powered spark and selectable timing to custom tune your buggy!
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The 250cc CDI/Coil Combo designed and manufactured by Motorio (out of Taiwan) utilizes a digital chip to control ignition timing and is the most powerful upgrade of its kind.  This Coil/CDI combo has RPM ranging from 3000rpm-10000rpm, which is nearly double where stock CDIs typically max out.  The CDI and Ignition Coil combination enhances the electric output, prducing the largest and hottest sparks for peak performance.

1.      This unique upgrade gives you the fastest throttle repsonse for best take-off performance 
2.      The CDI/coil combo works like a direct ignition by producing the strongest sparks to get complete combustion for the best power, fuel economy and easy-starting.
3.      Hi/Low speed ignition setting 

This after-market CDI/Coil combo is installed outside of your electrical box.  The CDI/COIL combo is silicon-sealed and thus water-proof.  Simply attach the spark plug cap, tie wrap (or bolt) the waterproof CDI unit to the frame, and route the long wire harness to your stock CDI wiring harness inside the electrical box. The stock wiring leads that go to your original coil should be taped off individually or cut and capped, as they will no longer be used.
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