KOSO Torque Spring 1000RPM, Black for 50cc /JOG / VION50.90 / RS / RSZ 100 - FH033103

KOSO 1000rpm high-quality compression spring with heat-resistant coating for increased torque
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These high quality compression springs are coated with a unique, high-efficiency heat-resistant coating that sustains perfect spring tension and deters heat build-up. Standard compression springs will heat up changing the tension of the spring resulting in erratic shift patterns. Different spring tensions can be selected for different types of riding.

The main rule is the stronger the compression spring, the higher the engine will rev before launching off the starting line. 

• High-efficiency coating to resist heat build-build up
• High-efficiency coating keeps springs tension consistent at all times
• All springs are marked for designated rpm performance

  • High quality compression spring with a special hi-efficiency coating to resist heat build up and keep spring tension consistent from the start of a moto all the way to the finish line. Springs with just the standard coating will build up heat and the spring tension will change causing erratic shift patterns.

Part Number: FH014101 (1000 rpm) 

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