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Clutch - Drive / Clutch Kit for Mudhead / 80T / Mid XRX / 208R

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

As low as: $99.99

Price as configured: $99.99

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Clutch Kit for Mudhead
Clutch Kit for 80T
Clutch Kit for Mid XRX
Clutch Kit for Marauder

Belt for 80T / Belt for Mudhead (9.100.018) (9.110.018)   +$0.00
Clutch - Rear Clutch for 80T / Mudhead (14706) (9.500.001)   +$0.00
Clutch - Front Clutch Variator for 80T / Mudhead (14716) (9.500.010)   +$0.00

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Price as configured: $99.99


This is a complete replacement kit for any Hammerhead Mudhead, Hammerhead 80T, American SportWorks Marauder or Trailmaster Mid XRX. This clutch kit comes complete with both the front and rear clutch assemblies along with the belt.  

Clutch kit for 80T
Clutch kit for Maruader
Clutch kit for MidXRX
Clutch kit for MudHead 

This is one heck of a great deal!

Kit includes: 
9.500.010 qty 1 driven pulley / front variator clutch assembly 
9.500.001 qty 1 rear clutch / rear drive clutch
9.110.018 qty 1 drive belt 725

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