Hammerhead 150cc Engine with External Reverse (F/R Only - No Neutral) for GY6, 150cc - 2.000.009

2.000.009, ENGINE. 150cc (external reverse) (no neutral postion...forward/reverse ONLY)
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  1. Hammerhead 150cc Engine with External Reverse (F/R Only - No Neutral) for GY6, 150cc - 2.000.009
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  3. Hammerhead Polaris 150cc Engine with Internal Reverse for GY6, 150cc with F/N/R - 2.000.009-N replaces 2.000.009-150XRS, 1100000150G0A0, 2.000.009-150XRX,15332
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  5. Hammerhead Reverse Assembly for 150cc - 6.000.157 replaces 6.000.019, 639-0013
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  7. Hammerhead Carburetor with Automatic Choke, 24mm for 150cc - 6.000.024 replaces PD24J, PD24J00150G000, 14197, 16100-KAT-913-1, 16100-KAT-913, 14925
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  9. Hammerhead Exhaust for 150cc / Muffler for 150cc - 6.000.074 replaces 14760, 14199, 6.000.152, 6.000.015, 15321, 6.000.229
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  11. Hammerhead Air Filter for 150cc, GY6 and 300cc - 6.000.151 replaces 14194, 6.000.388, 6000151150G000
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This engine can be as a replacement for engines with or without oil cooler holes.  This 150cc Engine does NOT include muffler, carburetor,or air filter or external reverse box assembly.  These items must be purchased separately if you need them.  

This 150cc motor works on older 150cc models (2011 and older) with the external reverse assembly, such as the GT150, SS150, Standard 150, Junior 150.  This is a 12-12.5 hp motor.  Please e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions before purchasing!

This is a 150cc Hammerhead Engine WITHOUT internal reverse assembly (NO NEUTRAL POSITION).  This specific engine does NOT work as a replacement engine if your kart has F / N / R. 

This engine DOES NOT work with 2012+ Hammerhead 150cc vehicles, Trailmaster vehicles or American SportWorks vehicles.

This engine no longer comes with a way to retrofit your oil cooler if your vehicle had one.

Hammerhead Part # 2.000.009

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