BikeMaster Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Maintainer - 150906 replaces TS0207A

BikeMaster® Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Maintain
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BikeMaster® Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Maintain

If you have a Lithium battery, don't damage it by charging it with the wrong type of charger. This charger has been designed to keep your BikeMaster Lithium-Ion batteries fully charged. Manufactured with over 11 ft. of reach, the BikeMaster Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Maintainer is fully automatic with built-in circuit protection to keep from overcharging, short circuiting or reversing polarity. It features easy-to-read LED lights that indicate when power is on, charge in process, reverse polarity and fully charged. 

  • Input: AC 120-Volts, 60Hz Output: DC 12-Volts, 2-Amps
  • SAE quick disconnect with large alligator style clips and ring terminals for charger hook up
  • High-quality, shock-resistant ABS construction
  • The unit is designed for charging/maintaining Lithium Ion batteries
  • Built in circuit protection guards against overcharging.
  • Shock resistant ABS material
  • Convenient, color-coded ring terminals and alligator clips for easy, correct installation
  • Fully automatic: Powers on when needed, and leave it for long time maintenance
  • Reverse polarity indicator
  • Power on LED indicator
  • Charge indicator: Red LED light indicates the battery is charging, Green LED light indicates a fully charged battery and enters the maintenance mode
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