Hammerhead LCT CMXX™ 136cc Engine, 50-State - 006-LCT136 replaces LCT136, 15018-D, 15426

006-LCT136, 136cc Engine Assembly (50 state)
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5HP LCT 136cc Summer Engine with Pull Start.  This 136cc LCT motor is used on both the Hammerhead Torpedo and the American SportWorks Black Widow.  This engine is also used on several power equipment machines as well.

This engine will NOT work for the Hammerhead Shark, Hammerhead Mini or other min-series karts made by Trailmaster.

Patented CMXX™
Design LCT’s patented Comercial Series engines are designed to deliver maximum performance for the most rugged conditions with industrial grade components and uniquely designed features.

Overhead Valve (OHV) Design
OHV Technology delivers more power and improved efficiency by running smoother and cooler which results in longer engine life. OHV also improves fuel economy while reducing exhaust emissions and greenhouse gases.

Cast Iron Sleeve Bore
A cast iron sleeve reduces bore wear and extends the life of the engine while improving emissions and oil consumption over an extended run period.

Dual Ball Bearings
Industrial ball bearings reduce friction and wear for prolong engine life.

Rugged Metal Fuel Tank
Heavy duty metal fuel tank provides higher durability and rugged construction.

Low Noise Muffler
Sound pressure balanced exhaust system provides unparalleled quiet operation.

Internal Oil Deliver System
Internal system engineered to deliver extra lubrication to internal engine bearings reducing heat build up and extended engine run life.

Forged Crankshaft
Forged steel crankshaft provides superior strength in high PTO torque industrial environments.

Dual Port Pleated Paper Filtration System
Side air entry ports help reduce debris entry, while a paper pleated filter and foam pre-cleaner provide maximum engine protection against high debris environments. Foam filter also available.

Hammerhead part # LCT136
Hammehead part # 006-LCT208 

American SportWorks part # 15351 
American LandMaster part # 15018-D
American LandMaster part # 15426-D


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