TechPulley 15%, 800RPM Torque Spring, Orange for 150cc , GY6

TechPulley 15%, 800RPM Torque Spring for 150cc (ORANGE)
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Tech Pulley 15% ORANGE Torque Srping for GY6 125cc and 150cc clutches.

OD = 58mm

For most torque (clutch) springs after they are in use they lose force, strength and tension.  Most springs lose around 12% recession and sometimes more after 1000 kilometers (nearly 625 miles) of use.   

With the Tech Pulley 15% torque spring, after 1000 kilometers our torque spring only has a 1.5 - 2% recession, which is extremely unique and quite amazing!  The reason the recession on the Tech Pulley spring is so low is because these springs are made of high quality material AND before they are sold they are recessed in the factory.  These factors are why users cannot feel any loss of power as the loss was already made at the factory during production. 

From the take-off position the Tech Pulley spring works like +400 rpm torque spring, but during re-acceleration it works like a +800 rpm torque spring.

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