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Deltran Battery Tender 4-Port Battery Management System 12V, 4 Bank Charger - 212113 replaces 022-0148-DL-WH

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Quick Overview

Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH 12-Volt 4-Bank Battery Management System 




The Battery Tender 12-volt/1.25-amp 4-Bank Battery Management System is designed to fully charge up to four 12-volt batteries simultaneously and maintain each at its proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by some trickle chargers. Compatible with all AGM (absorbed glass mat), sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries commonly found in some automotive/farm equipment, motorcycles, ATV’s, and personal watercraft, this lightweight, microprocessor controlled unit provides safe, constant, four-step charging current for every vehicle stored in your garage, shop, barn or boathouse.

  • 4 independent charging stations
  • Lightweight design
  • Microprocessor-controlled constant current charging
  • Reverse-polarity protected
  • Spark proof
  • DC Output Cord Length: 4.5 feet - 18 AWG / DC Output Accessory Length: 1.5 feet
  • Spark-proof and reverse polarity/short circuit protection and safety timer-72 hours
  • Contains four independent stations capable of simultaneously charging at 12 volts/1.25 amps per charging bank
  • Perfect for all AGM (absorbed glass mat), sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries
  • Microprocessor-controlled constant current charging and temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature
  • Extremely lightweight at less than 3 lbs

Safe, Smart, 4-step Battery Charging
The Battery Tender 12-volt/1.25-amp 4-Bank Battery Management System is much more than a trickle charger. Utilizing a 4-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode), it allows users to simply connect the charger to up to four batteries, either in or out of a vehicle and forget about it until you are ready to use it, with the confidence that the batteries in all four vehicles are being maintained at optimal performance levels. This makes it perfect for seasonal and recreational vehicles like motorcycles, jet skis, ATV's, snowmobiles and more,. It is also safe for your battery because it utilizes advanced microprocessor technology that automatically switches its output voltage to a storage or float level. This feature eliminates the need to worry about the damaging effects of overcharging, and the resulting need to check on the condition of a charging battery. If or when the battery voltage drops too far under load, this same smart technology resumes output power and the charging cycle begins again. The unit also features spark-proof connectors, short circuit and reverse polarity protection, an easy to understand charging status LED indicator for each charging bank, durable yet lightweight construction and almost no current draw from batteries connected to it.

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